Sunday, October 21, 2012

10 months inspection tomorrow.

Our 10 month inspection is scheduled at 11 a.m. tomorrow. We haven't heard any feedback to the check list that we had sent to Ryan Homes.  As our list is very small, it should be taken care of in couple of days time.

Update to my last post : The common area on the left to the house has been sodded. And we even have 4 pretty red maple trees on the border of our lot and the common area. It all looks pretty now.

About the Poison Ivy patch at the back of our lot, I think we have to lodge a formal complaint to the HOA as we didn't hear anything from the developer and he is about to handover the community over to the HOA.

Newly sodded common area. I don't have the "before picture", but there was nothing but rocks and was a barren land.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 Months inspection in Oct. last week.

We received the letter from Ryan Homes stating that our 10 month inspection is going to be in the last week of October. It's been almost 2 weeks since we got the letter and my punch list is not ready yet. We have to send this list to RH ASAP now.

       Speaking of the list, we have two major issues to tackle and both of them are regarding landscaping.  I am not sure if it should be included in the 10 month inspection list or not. But then again, this will be our last chance to get it settled before the developer hand overs everything to the HOA by te end of this month.
    Our lot shares the boundary line with common area from two sides. Left side of the house and of course from the backyard side. We have a thicket adjacent to our backyard. Thorny bushes and it's thorns always creeps up on our backyard. And it makes mowing very difficult from that side. but that's not half the problem. My main issue is the Poison Ivy that's thriving in the thicket. And every now and then it creeps up on our land. And hubby has to take care of it. Last month while doing the same thing, despite of wearing gloves, he came into contact with poison ivy somewhere near his elbow. Long story short, one ER week of steroid treatment for severe poison ivy rash.... not to mention the throbbing pain in this entire arm for 10 days. So coming to the point, we requested our developer to come up with some kind of solution for this. I think if they clear the thicket for at least a foot or two from our lot, it will give us some relief form these issues. Please let me know any other possible solution for this problem. TIA.
              The developer emailed us back saying he is going to send his landscaper this week to review the situation. 
     Other point is also regarding the adjacent common area on the left side of our house. we were told early in the building process that the area  is going to be sodded along with some tree planting by the Sept. end. Nothing has been done in that huge empty area and there is nothing but rocks and weeds. It's been such an eyesore for us for 10 months now. Ryan Homes developer is going to hand over our community to HOA soon and I want to tackle these two issues before that happens, so that I don't have to deal with the HOA later. Again the developer's reply is that they are going to sod the area soon and he is looking if he can arrange and plant a tree or two in there.
        If any of you think that these are not the points that I should be including in our 10 month list, let me know as well.

Other than that very few # of items to go on the list that are from inside the house.
Creaking floors in family room and master bedroom, loose floorboard, nails pops, a few cracks.

I will certainly keep you posted on these matters.

UPDATE :  The common area on the left side of our house has been sodded this afternoon, just 2 hrs after this post.
Still waiting for the developer to come up with some kind of solution for the thicket problem.