Thursday, September 29, 2011

Few small updates.

As of today our pre con meeting is on 10 th October. Seems it's taking forever.

We are excited none the less.  We went up to our lot this evening. Couldn't take any pictures as it was getting dark. But still could see the construction has started on 2 lots. I was overwhelmed emotionally just by looking at those lots and thinking to myself  "It's gonna be our turn in just couple of weeks !!!  It will be our turn sometime in October second week. Our guess is we will break ground on 12th Oct.

We have scheduled another meeting  next week with Trinity Wiring to make changes to our previous options. Will update on that .

Meeting carpet and hardwood company on 8 October. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hello my fellow bloggers,

So on weekend we made our selections final. The meeting with TAC ( The tile company ) lasted for about an hour and half.

Kitchen floor and morning room floor ceramic tiles. 

  Master Bath

Bathroom 1

At Trinity we added more than what we were thinking of adding.
We ended up adding     multimedia outlet package in the loft. 
Duel 30' HDMI pre wire in family room.
Trinity value surround  package. (All installed.)Ceiling mount projector rough in.

Security:  things we added
keypad on upper level in master bedroom.
2 Door contacts.
2 Motion 
Cell back up installed.
Window censors for all the windows (I think 9 )   on the main level. 
Key FOBS.  ( got discount on these. )

 We are having second thoughts about Trinity decisions and might change a thing or two after couple of days of thinking.

Meeting carpet and hardwood company after two weeks.

Friday, September 23, 2011

We got our approval !!!!

 Yesterday evening we got an email from NVR confirming our approval. We will get the letter in regular mail soon. They worked really fast I guess. We got the approval  in just  9 days. I think RH is really trying to meet their deadline. As per sales rep.our tentative pre con date will be 10th Oct. 
           So.... Lot selection .. checked !!
                    Granite counter and exterior selections .... checked !!
                    2 Change orders. One red flag item ........ done !!
                 Loan approval ..... done. !!
 Carpet, Ceramic, tiles , wiring appointments are scheduled on Saturday.

Will post all our options and selections on Saturday. Lot of pics to upload. ....

By the way it's becoming increasingly hard to resist the urge to visit our lot. So far we went at least 6 times since we signed the contract. Is this normal? LOL 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lot selection.

We had to choose from 2 available lots.  Both were more or less same sq ft wise. We chose the corner lot. Now we will have a decent size backyard for my DDs to play !! Yay !!!!!

     We submitted all our documents to NVR. And it's  with the underwriter. So hopefullywe should hear some good news is a day or two !!.... This waiting thingy  is killing me !!!

In the meantime we have scheduled our appoinments  with flooring company, Trinity wiring in this week. I hope we will make good selections and don't regret later. Any suggestion? I have already chosen Tan Brown granite with my light maple cabinets. And for exterior I selected sandy tan with black door and wine tone shutters. It would be a great help if you can suggest me ceramic tiles color in kitchen and morning room.

Oh and we chose elevation B with partial stone siding. !!!  Similar to the blog picture. 

p.s. I promise I will post all the upgrades and selections, with pics very soon. After my selections meeting n saturday . 


Dreaming a dream !!

 After living in the rental for 12 years, we finally decided to buy a home. We shifted to Virginia  around 4 years ago. After settling down, in May  2011 we started going to open houses just to get an idea about what we want and what we will get in our budget.  After looking for 2 months we thought that we should give it a try and do the pricing for new construction homes. After trying  around  3-4 builders, with our realtor (who is really terrific negotiator by the way !!! ) Ryan homes had the most attractive options package to offer After a lot of brain storming as to which model to choose from , we finally decided on Rome.  DH liked Naples. But finally we went with Rome.
     On 9th Sept. we signed our contract. And we started to dream a dream !!