Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lot selection.

We had to choose from 2 available lots.  Both were more or less same sq ft wise. We chose the corner lot. Now we will have a decent size backyard for my DDs to play !! Yay !!!!!

     We submitted all our documents to NVR. And it's  with the underwriter. So hopefullywe should hear some good news is a day or two !!.... This waiting thingy  is killing me !!!

In the meantime we have scheduled our appoinments  with flooring company, Trinity wiring in this week. I hope we will make good selections and don't regret later. Any suggestion? I have already chosen Tan Brown granite with my light maple cabinets. And for exterior I selected sandy tan with black door and wine tone shutters. It would be a great help if you can suggest me ceramic tiles color in kitchen and morning room.

Oh and we chose elevation B with partial stone siding. !!!  Similar to the blog picture. 

p.s. I promise I will post all the upgrades and selections, with pics very soon. After my selections meeting n saturday . 



  1. Yay - another Virginia RH blogger. You are in good company with myself and KayandJay. Kay and I just down the street from each other (different communities, though). We are in West Riding, where are you?

  2. Welcome to the blogging world!! =D Congrats on your house!

    I absolutely LOVE your choices so far! You seem to have wonderful taste! I'm sure the rest of it will come easy for you. No worries!

    I have three girls, ages 9, 6, and 2. Wish you were moving into my area! lol

    You are going to love the corner lot. We have one and are soooo thankful for it.

    Can't wait to see your house come along! Congrats again!

  3. I like the samples and the combination of granite with the cabinets you picked. Expect there to be some variation in color and pattern between what you're holding in the picture vs what you actually get. Natural stones blah blah blah....

  4. PS - Whatever you chose will look great. They make it really hard to screw up your selections. I joke with my wife how you get to pick your favorite beige (carpets).

    You have to pay extra for the vampire red carpets :)

  5. Congrats! I love stone siding; that will surely look great! I don't think Ryan provides all of their developments with the same selections, so it may be a little difficult for some to provide you with suggestions. What are your options though for your tiles? I look forward to following you on your process! Happy Building :)

  6. @ Gina K. Yes, we are building in West Riding!! Our lot # is 184. Are you building on one of the lots that has only five SF in a row?

    @ Jay and Danielle : thanks !! will let all know our final selections soon.

    @ G : Yaa.. I too had to try really hard to resist the urge for beige granite. This time I went for some drama in kitchen and selected Tan brown granite.

  7. Wow, our first neighbor. We are 187. So cool and fun.

  8. @ Noey814 : Thanks.
    We selected the corner lot. But there are houses behind us from surrounding community. Yes, but it definitely have a good amount of common area around our lot. So overall good for privacy and the lot looks bigger too.

  9. Ah! So exciting, just read Gina K.'s post that you are moving into West Riding! We're down the road in KirkPatrick. Can't wait to see your progress and hope you don't get too many weather delays.