Friday, September 23, 2011

We got our approval !!!!

 Yesterday evening we got an email from NVR confirming our approval. We will get the letter in regular mail soon. They worked really fast I guess. We got the approval  in just  9 days. I think RH is really trying to meet their deadline. As per sales rep.our tentative pre con date will be 10th Oct. 
           So.... Lot selection .. checked !!
                    Granite counter and exterior selections .... checked !!
                    2 Change orders. One red flag item ........ done !!
                 Loan approval ..... done. !!
 Carpet, Ceramic, tiles , wiring appointments are scheduled on Saturday.

Will post all our options and selections on Saturday. Lot of pics to upload. ....

By the way it's becoming increasingly hard to resist the urge to visit our lot. So far we went at least 6 times since we signed the contract. Is this normal? LOL 



  1. YUP! I visited our lot a bunch too.

  2. Definitely normal! Congrats on the approval ;)

  3. Yay for the approval. We were supposed to hear today from the underwriter, but we had some last minute changes so that may have held things up.

    You will not be alone at the lot. We go every day. We are watching lot 188 - their whole is dug and the footers poured. We are going to use them to judge how things will go when it is our turn. Our pre-construction is Tuesday the 11th since hubby has to work Monday (holiday), but Tuesday morning was easier for us.

    It will be our turn in three weeks!! How close are you to the new house? Will it be easy to visit often? I'm sure we will continue to go daily to watch all the progress of all the houses going up.

  4. Yes! We go all the time just to imagine what everything will be like! We thought we were crazy too! Congratulations on your approval! :)

  5. Okay, it is Monday - I'm dying to hear how your meetings went this weekend.

    PS. My daughter can't wait to meet your girls. She turns 7 this week.

  6. Gina K.
    Happy birthday wishes to your daughter. I am happy that my daughters are gonna have friends to play with right from first day.
    We don't live very close to West Riding. We are in Fairfax. So about 15 miles.

  7. Thanks everybody. Can't wait for precon.

  8. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    I'll make sure to take lots of pictures for you so you can keep track more often. #188 got basement wall concrete forms put in yesterday and they have started digging out #186. We will go back today to get a better look.