Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wrong.. Again..

     Last week they messed up  installing the wrong carpet pad on all levels. But thanks to our super PM that issue got resolve in no time.

    Well this time it's our front door! They have painted front door in Wine Tone color, matching it to our shutters when it's suppose to be black. While Wine tone color is also not looking that bad., we decided to go for black. So hubby is going to email our PM and I am sure this will be taken care of.

Our selections. Wine Tone shutters with black door .
It was dark when I clicked this snap. That's why it looks  black. But it's actually Wine tone color like the shutters.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update on carpet pad issue.

So today we had a meeting with our PM. It was nice of him to meet us on such a short notice.  He said it was a honest mistake on their side. And the problem has been fixed. So now we have the correct carpet pad underneath the correct carpet. They did remove the upgraded pad in family room though. I know for sure the tine thought will remain in my mind as to what would have happened if we had not gone there at the right  time. Ah well.. !!

   We also discussed about some small concerns that we had. And PM assured us that it will be all taken care of before our walk through on 27th December. Small concerns like shelves in master closets at wrong height, no siding on small part of exterior, minor imperfections in kitchen cabinets etc.
     While we were there, they were prepping our driveway to pour the asphalt. Today I couldn't take any photos. But I am planning to go there early tomorrow. So I will have lots of snaps to show. A lot has been done in the last week. All light fixtures( incl. boobilier..:), masters bathroom and kids bathroom ceramic tiles with accent tiles, hardwood in dining room and living room, carpet, granite, ceramic tiles in kitchen and morning room.... !!! Everything !!! More on that and lots of snaps coming tomorrow.


Just when I thought and surely was keeping my fingures crossed that there is not going to be any "lashing out" post in my blog.!! Everything was going smoothly. In fact I have "LOVE IT " post saved on the blog ready to be published. But..

   Coming straight to the point. Yesterday evening  we went to our new home. The carpet crew of four was just finishing the carpet installation in the family room and study. Upper level carpet was almost done. And one worker was busy putting the pad on the steps. After may be half an hour or so when we went into the basement one worker was installing the carpet. and just one small area of the pad underneath was still showing. I immediately noticed that something is off and I was right. They had installed the wrong carpet pad in the basement. We have upgraded the carpet pad in the basement to  level C and they were putting the standard level A pad.  I asked  him to stop working until I clear this but he finished the rest of the carpet anyway. So as of today we have wrong carpet pad in the basement. Then obviously we asked the worker to show us which pad they had put under the family room carpet. Turned out that there we have level C carpet instead of level A. We had upgraded famly room carpet to level C. So now we have upgraded level C pad with level C carpet in family and study.  @#$%$#@ !!!?
                 We contacted our PM and got his reply back that he dosen't have our carpet pad selections with him. We are going to meet him in the afternoon. I am sure he will solve this problem. But the scary and frustrating part is if we had not gone there in time before the carpet installation, there is a good possibility that this would have gone unnoticed.  And now in todays meeting if they decide to rip off all the carpet in the family room and study to correct their mistake which shouln't have happened in the first place, .... BOY I am going to so MAD!!!!

I am truly sorry guys for me venting out like this, but it's frustrating. Thanks for understanding. Now I can go and meet the PM with a little bit cool temper.  I will update you all about todays meeting as soon as possible. We also have other small issues to discuss with PM.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cabinets, paint, siding .....

Last week we made a good amount of progress. Our cabinets are installed.  I noticed that the cabinet installation is done a bit poorly.  Some cabinets are not aligned properly. Small area near the sink is damaged a bit. Few knobs are missing. But these are very obvious things to notice. So I am sure PM will catch them in no time and it will get fixed.  Not worried about it. One thing I was wondering about and didn't get time to check with our PM yet, is do we get electrical outlet(s) on the island. I remember vaguely asking about this to our SR. And I THINK we should have it.

   On Tuesday our siding guy was finishing our siding job. I am loving the Sandy Tan color. So one less thing to guess as to am I going to love it or am I going to strangle myself for making a bad selection? Our Sandy Tan siding is looking  beautiful and just what I was expecting it to look.. Also stone is ready to go up. And I am hoping to see my whole house exterior done in my today's trip to our house.

 Our fireplace, railing, doors are  in. And  the first coat of paint making the house look like the house. I am glad that the color is not stark white but has a beige shade to it. And I think I can live with it until we paint after 10 months inspection.

There are some things that I have to check in my today's trip.

1. Drywall installers covered one of the recessed light in the  family room. Gotta check if it's been excavated.yet.
2. Improvements in kitchen cabinet installation.
3. Electric outlet point under kitchen island.
4. Not sure why but small insulated area near bathtub in master bath is not covered with drywall. See the snap below.

   5. Also wanted to check about one electric point on the right side of the fireplace. Not sure if that should be there. or should there be another one on the left side too.  You can see it in the fireplace pic above.
will update on these issues. Until then have a good and  warm day !!