Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cabinets, paint, siding .....

Last week we made a good amount of progress. Our cabinets are installed.  I noticed that the cabinet installation is done a bit poorly.  Some cabinets are not aligned properly. Small area near the sink is damaged a bit. Few knobs are missing. But these are very obvious things to notice. So I am sure PM will catch them in no time and it will get fixed.  Not worried about it. One thing I was wondering about and didn't get time to check with our PM yet, is do we get electrical outlet(s) on the island. I remember vaguely asking about this to our SR. And I THINK we should have it.

   On Tuesday our siding guy was finishing our siding job. I am loving the Sandy Tan color. So one less thing to guess as to am I going to love it or am I going to strangle myself for making a bad selection? Our Sandy Tan siding is looking  beautiful and just what I was expecting it to look.. Also stone is ready to go up. And I am hoping to see my whole house exterior done in my today's trip to our house.

 Our fireplace, railing, doors are  in. And  the first coat of paint making the house look like the house. I am glad that the color is not stark white but has a beige shade to it. And I think I can live with it until we paint after 10 months inspection.

There are some things that I have to check in my today's trip.

1. Drywall installers covered one of the recessed light in the  family room. Gotta check if it's been excavated.yet.
2. Improvements in kitchen cabinet installation.
3. Electric outlet point under kitchen island.
4. Not sure why but small insulated area near bathtub in master bath is not covered with drywall. See the snap below.

   5. Also wanted to check about one electric point on the right side of the fireplace. Not sure if that should be there. or should there be another one on the left side too.  You can see it in the fireplace pic above.
will update on these issues. Until then have a good and  warm day !!


  1. My recommendation is never assume your PM see anything. You see it, text/email/call/smoke signals as soon as possible.

  2. Thanks. Good advise! Especially when I raised the buried recessed light issue almost more than a week ago. And it's still not fixed. I should email the PM ASAP.

  3. WOW!! It's looking great!! (and huge!)

    I agree with Sgt. up there. Never assume. Always double check! =)

  4. I really like the granite/vanity combo in the bathroom. Everything is looking great.

    I just posted the furniture pics from the Pottery Barn Outlet on my page. Let me know if you have any questions about any of it.

  5. Your Rome is looking quite beautiful! We are in the process of building our Rome -- our pre-con meeting is next week! Were you able to see any houses with your siding color before finalizing your selections? Apparently Ryan changed siding companies and there are no homes in a 50 mile radius with the siding/brick colors we selected. I'm VERY nervous about choosing the entire color of my home based of a 2-inch sample! Also, which granite did you choose for your fireplace? Is that the tropical brown? You can email me at :)

    I'm thinking about starting a blog specifically about our Ryan Rome build. I already have a personal blog but I think one dedicated to the build will be fun! I've been amazed by the Ryan online blogging community!

    Looking forward to reading continued updates from you about your dream home!