Sunday, November 27, 2011

We have walls !!!

I hope this thanksgiving weekend was filled with joy and laughter for all in my RH blogger family.

There was almost no activity on our new house after insulation. Our drywall was delivered , ready to be hanged. Finally on Wednesday (23 Nov.) around 3 pm when we went there we saw 3-4 workers hanging the drywall up.  Looked like they had just started the work. It was quite cold and windy that way and so we got them some coffee and doughnuts.
      We were sure that we will not see our dry wall all up and hanged until Monday or even Tuesday because of thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving lunch at one of our friend's place who lives very close to our soon to be new home. So needless to say, after the lunch we headed to our new house and very much surprised to see a whole bunch of workers were finishing the drywall task on Thanksgiving day!!!! They were almost done and were cleaning the floors and preparing propane tank and heater for drying up the walls. Thank you guys !!!!

         Couldn't take any photos that day. But today was a perfect day to hang out at our new house. The weather was perfect. So we cut short our dog Taz's  play time in dog park and went to the new house. So here are some of the snaps.

Walkout basement.

View of the front door. Living room and dining room on the left. Mud room and stairs to upper level on the right. 

Kitchen. Morning room on the left.

Family room from kitchen. Morning room on lower right corner. Study is on the far left corner of the photo.
Living room and dining room.
Morning room.
Kitchen from morning room. Panrty door on the left.
Loft. Upper level. 
Sitting area in master's bedroom and closet entrance. 
  Our Sandy Tan siding, winetone colored shutters and susquehanna stone are ready. Can't wait to see how everything will look.


  1. Looks great. Still get turned around with your flipped floor plan. So funny your dog's name is Taz - that is hubby's nickname.

  2. Thanks.
    Yes. With flipped plans our houses looks almost like a different floor plan. Funny that I am still getting used to our floor plan as we visited the model home numerous times which is same as your plan i.e. non-flipped. :)