Monday, November 7, 2011

We are making great progress!!!

A lot has been done in the last week. I am so excited as the house we were dreaming of is becoming the reality. And day by day we are getting closer to our dream.
    We have almost completed the framing process. This week we will have our electrical wiring done. And hopefully our predrywall meeting will be in the next week.  We have already made an appointment with our home inspector for the inspection before our predrywall meeting.

Here is our progress step by step. 
Framing starts !!!        
Walk out basement and morning room framing. 
Morning room.
Kitchen. Morning room on the left.
All wrapped up!!
From the side.
Back view. Walkout basement, morning room and upper level.
Side view. Morning room windows on the right.
 I took some snaps of  things that looked  kinda unfinished. Small things here and there. This might not be anything and PM will notice them before inspection. I will make a separate post for those things. 


  1. Amazing how quickly it all goes together. Our HVAC went in this weekend. Plumbing is today and tomorrow and then electrical. I think inspection may be sometime next week. Our inspector came out last night just to see how it was going (since he is a good friend). He found nothing major - so that was a relief.