Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Our house is coming together piece by piece. Here are some things that got done yesterday and today.
All windows, french door in morning room, basement siding door installed. 
Shingles installed.
Our fireplace is in it's place. 
Today bathtubs, shower pan and water heater arrived. May be it will get installed tomorrow.
Our HVAC and  plumbing material is also there in the living room ready to get installed.  HVAC installation will get completed in this week.
Roof, garage trim and front door decorative trim. 

Beautiful fall foliage. Snap taken from master bedroom window
Picture taken from master's bedroom. Since we have walkout basement, our upper level is more higher from the ground than I have imagined. Can't wait till they clear the lot.

I have one small confusion. While in framing stage, I noticed in the garage near ceiling there was a gap of about a foot or so between two wooden blocks. (as if they ran out of wood.) Only on the left side. The next day I noticed that the worker had stuffed some sponge like material in that gap and then nailed wood piece over it. It will be more clear from the snaps below. Is this normal? Or is there a better way to do this?

Sponge like material.

Spongy material covered with wood.

We are hoping to have the pre drywall meeting next week.  Will clarify this with PM and our home inspector. 


  1. That is weird. Show the PM.he will either clarify or fix it.

  2. you know songig, we are getting a walk out as well. I don't think I thought about the height from the back windows until this post. Hmmmmmmm, seems like I need to start considering "emergency evacuation" plans.

  3. That sponge material seems weird :-/
    Definitely mention that to your PM; otherwise, everything looks great!