Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just a thought !!

We are getting gourmet kitchen which includes all stainless steel appliances. I am not too crazy about the ones that Ryan is providing. But thought that I can always change it later after may be couple of years. But while going through the black Friday ads, a thought  came through my mind. Is it too late to opt out and not getting the fridge from Ryan? If Ryan can give us the credit for the fridge, we can use it towards something else and I can choose and buy a refrigerator of my choice.  At which stage does Ryan order the appliances? has anybody done this before at this stage the construction process? 

  We are expecting to close in early January. I would like to take advantage of the holiday season sales.  And my ever extending list of things to buy is scaring my hubby. :)  I always knew, I am not good  in VED analysis !!


  1. I'm not sure... but you could always call and ask. It couldn't hurt!

  2. I am not sure either. I will say this, I am sticking with the ryan fridge that way if they scratch the floor putting it in, it's on them!