Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pre-drywall meeting and other updates

We had our pre-drywall meeting on 17th Nov. Before the meeting we did our independent home inspection. The home inspector did not find anything major.Just some minor points like missing caulking and bowed studs in 3-4 places.Our home inspector was impressed with the quality of work done. One point he raised was that there is no incoming plumbing in the basement bathroom 3 piece rough in. Later in the pre-drywall meeting, our PM explained that this is how it is. Ryan does not provide incoming plumbing, just the 3 piece rough in.

Other than that, meeting went great and we got out closing date. DRUMROLL PLEASE !!!! It's 29th Dec !!.Yay !!!!

Today the workers finished insulation job. We passed all the inspections (mechanical, plumbing, wiring and building). Our drywall is delivered, drywall installation will take place tomorrow, our exterior susquehanna coblestone is also here. So I am guessing we will have our exterior done by end of this week. Yay for everything !!!


  1. PM said the siding will go up first and then the stone. Guess I need to go by tomorrow to get pictures of the stone!! They are also off on Thursday and Friday. At least we won't be missing much while we are celebrating Thanksgiving.

    Glad there were no issues with the inspection. I am surprised they don't run the water lines since you are finishing the basement but leaving the bathroom as a rough-in. Ours is unfinished so we can access the water lines when we decide to finish the basement. Yours will be behind drywall I guess. That stinks.

  2. Yay for getting a closing date! How exciting!