Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update on carpet pad issue.

So today we had a meeting with our PM. It was nice of him to meet us on such a short notice.  He said it was a honest mistake on their side. And the problem has been fixed. So now we have the correct carpet pad underneath the correct carpet. They did remove the upgraded pad in family room though. I know for sure the tine thought will remain in my mind as to what would have happened if we had not gone there at the right  time. Ah well.. !!

   We also discussed about some small concerns that we had. And PM assured us that it will be all taken care of before our walk through on 27th December. Small concerns like shelves in master closets at wrong height, no siding on small part of exterior, minor imperfections in kitchen cabinets etc.
     While we were there, they were prepping our driveway to pour the asphalt. Today I couldn't take any photos. But I am planning to go there early tomorrow. So I will have lots of snaps to show. A lot has been done in the last week. All light fixtures( incl. boobilier..:), masters bathroom and kids bathroom ceramic tiles with accent tiles, hardwood in dining room and living room, carpet, granite, ceramic tiles in kitchen and morning room.... !!! Everything !!! More on that and lots of snaps coming tomorrow.


  1. YAY for our AWESOME PM!! Glad they got everything taken care of. Can't wait to see it all. You'll have to stop by our place, too.

  2. I'm surprised they took away the mistakenly upgraded pad. I'm glad you were there to catch their mistake. Now I have to think of a way to tell my PM that I want to see what they are putting down because we paid for the top tier pad everywhere.

  3. @ Gina.. Yes our PM is the super PM !!!
    @ Tammigirl , That was a bit disappointing when he took out that wrongly installed upgraded pad.

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  5. I'm happy that carpet issue is fixed....
    and cnt wait to see accent tiles in masters bathroom....