Thursday, December 15, 2011


Just when I thought and surely was keeping my fingures crossed that there is not going to be any "lashing out" post in my blog.!! Everything was going smoothly. In fact I have "LOVE IT " post saved on the blog ready to be published. But..

   Coming straight to the point. Yesterday evening  we went to our new home. The carpet crew of four was just finishing the carpet installation in the family room and study. Upper level carpet was almost done. And one worker was busy putting the pad on the steps. After may be half an hour or so when we went into the basement one worker was installing the carpet. and just one small area of the pad underneath was still showing. I immediately noticed that something is off and I was right. They had installed the wrong carpet pad in the basement. We have upgraded the carpet pad in the basement to  level C and they were putting the standard level A pad.  I asked  him to stop working until I clear this but he finished the rest of the carpet anyway. So as of today we have wrong carpet pad in the basement. Then obviously we asked the worker to show us which pad they had put under the family room carpet. Turned out that there we have level C carpet instead of level A. We had upgraded famly room carpet to level C. So now we have upgraded level C pad with level C carpet in family and study.  @#$%$#@ !!!?
                 We contacted our PM and got his reply back that he dosen't have our carpet pad selections with him. We are going to meet him in the afternoon. I am sure he will solve this problem. But the scary and frustrating part is if we had not gone there in time before the carpet installation, there is a good possibility that this would have gone unnoticed.  And now in todays meeting if they decide to rip off all the carpet in the family room and study to correct their mistake which shouln't have happened in the first place, .... BOY I am going to so MAD!!!!

I am truly sorry guys for me venting out like this, but it's frustrating. Thanks for understanding. Now I can go and meet the PM with a little bit cool temper.  I will update you all about todays meeting as soon as possible. We also have other small issues to discuss with PM.


  1. Wow - now you have us worried. We upgraded all pads up one level. I hope that is what they put in. Our carpet is correct, so at least that is a relief. Our PM is great about getting everything fixed, so I hope he gets you all taken care of. Maybe you will get lucky and get to keep the upgrade mistake they made as long as you also get your upgrade in the basement. Good Luck.

  2. We upgraded carpet and pad in every part of the house. So I'm hoping no issues, but as you have posted, you never know.
    Good luck.

  3. I hope they take care of it in a way that makes sense for you. I kind of doubt they will take out the pad upstairs. It seems like it would cost them more to replace it than just leave it.

  4. Glad you caught that error! It's situations like this that show how important it is to make daily visits if you can :). I'm sure they will correct their mistake and make sure you are happy. Keep us posted!

  5. I hope you get to keep the upgrade in the upstairs and that they replace the pad downstairs with the proper one. I will definitely remember to check on that when our time comes.