Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life after closing !!!

It's been 12 days since we close. Closing was like a walk in a park. Went very smoothly.
And after closing life is crazy busy. It's funny but I am missing the days before closing when I used to come and take a look at the progress N stuff. But now since I am actually living under the roof, life is crazy busy. But I am loving every minute of it.  My daughters are the happy as they finally got their own rooms.  So here is a quick recap of the things got done since closing.

We closed on 29th as scheduled.  Some minor things (  paint touch up, rough spots on steps handrail etc) that our independent home inspector pointed before final walk through with PM , were  taken care of before we came back with THE keys.

Movers came on 3rd January.

Lowes installed the blinds. We chose Levelor in white and Levolor custom top down/ bottom up  blinds on some windows.

Verizon Fios services are up and running.

Trinity wiring crew came and activated the service. The security alarm on the upper level is  not working and there is a possibility of faulty wiring. So the trinity electrician is scheduled for tomorrow.

Washer dryer from Best Buy  and new mattress got delivered.

As for me... I was busy prepping the bathrooms and kitchen.  Sealed grouts in morning room and kitchen. Sealed all the granite. After a week of eating outside and carry outs I finally started cooking since yesterday. Lucky me as my brother and his wife lives close by so we could go there even unannounced at times for quick snack breaks and even for lunch or dinner.  I was able to pack the boxes much more quickly as daughters were staying with them for couple of days.

Girls are making new friends in new school and getting used to school bus timings.

In the decoration department, nothing has been done yet except some beautiful vases on  fireplace. We are overwhelmed with our home and not sure which project we should do first. Very hard to prioritise as I want everything and want it ASAP.  I will start with pendant lights over kitchen island and at least two ( out of 7 in all ) ceiling fans. And will leave major projects like painting the whole house for later, although I am getting very tempted  after reading all the blog entries about painting.

Sunrise from morning room. Isn't it beautiful !

From masters bedroom.

From side window of masters bedroom. 

First snow of the season in our backyard.


  1. Congratulations on Closing and all of the moving-in progress you've accomplished so far. Enjoy it!

  2. YAY - great so far. We will be joining you by the end of the week. We can't wait. Daughter is already planning her play-dates with your girls.

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful view :)

  4. That's a gorgeous view! Congrats on closing!

  5. Congrats! The views are awesome! As far as projects go, you are there for years now! So take your time. (At least is what I keep having to tell myself. I want it all done, yesterday! lol I have to keep telling myself not to be in a hurry. I'm here for years! Decades! lol)