Monday, May 14, 2012

Life in our new Rome.

 After closing and shifting was done, I was anxious as to how are my DD(s) were going to adjust in new school with new friends. But thankfully on that  front everything went smoothly. They made quite a few good friends in the neighborhood and in the school.

   We had very few issues for our three weeks inspection.  Small issues (like powder room mirror was loose, kitchen island support was loose, minor imperfections in color.) were taken care of asap.

The only thing that took time (3 weeks.) was Trinity security alarm. Because of faulty wiring, alarm wasn't working. It took several phone calls to Trinity before they fixed that.. But they had provided a temporary alarm in the basement till then.

There was a noticeable dent on cooking range. PM ordered that part and changed it at the time of three week inspection.
Other than that we are thoroughly enjoying our new house. And look who showed up in our backyard  on a sunny hot day !
Eastern Box turtle.

So far we have enough furniture that's necessary. Five, out of eight ceiling fans are up and running. We have installed pendant lights over the kitchen island.  And now here comes few snaps.

Living room.

Family Room. 

Family Room.
Dining Room.
Temporary set up till we get nice furniture for the morning room.. Right now it's all mish mash of fabric, leather and metal.

Loft furniture.
Ceiling fan in the loft.
DD's room ceiling fan.


  1. Home sweet home!!!
    pics are fab!

  2. Great Job! I love the ROME! AND the visitor turtle to your yard!

  3. It has been so great having you as neighbors. We are very lucky on our street that everyone is so friendly and the kids all love playing together!

    1. Gina, The feeling is mutual! We are so happy to have you guys as friends and neighbor. And very true about our friendly neighborhood. Seeing kids playing together so nicely, makes living in this house even better.

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  5. This looks great! I'm glad to see the box turtle! They just downgraded it from Endangered to Vulnerable. It is still a Threatened species it's nice to see it having a good time in your back yard. :)

  6. What a wonderful and spacious home! The photos are definitely impressive. I particularly love those ceiling fans. I don’t know why, but there’s something about ceiling fans that impresses me. Perhaps it’s their indescribable aesthetic appeal! :]

    - Staci Severns