Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carpet selections pics. Pre Con tomorrow!!!

Yesterday was our flooring appointment at CTI.  It took almost two hours to make all the selections for carpet, hardwood and vinyl in laundry room and mud room. Overall we are happy about our choices.

       On the main level we upgraded carpet to level C (Wild Straw) and  upgraded level A carpet pad. 

Laundry room vinyl with upper level carpet, Redbud Putty with upgraded level A carpet pad.

Mud room vinyl with Gunstock hardwood.

Gunstock hardwood on main level.

All the selections together, (Ceramic tiles in kitchen and morning room, Wild Straw Carpet (Level C), Andover maple spice cabinets, tan brown granite, maple colored banisters.). We are loving it.

In the basement we got standard carpet with upgraded  level C carpet pad.  Level C carpet pad has extra plastic lining to absorb water seepage.  Carpet color is Redbud Putty, same as upper level carpet in the picture.

Gunstock hardwood floor with ceramic tiles in kitchen and morning room. As everybody knows, picture doesn't do the justice.  It looks better in person.

Tomorrow is our pre construction meeting at 2 pm.  Let's see how it goes. I am sure I am going to have so many questions for our PM that after some days he is going to think "Man! she is some crazy lady"  LOL  I have my own list of questions for the PM.


  1. Love your selections! Can't wait to see it all put together. Good luck at your pre con meeting!

  2. Love the upgraded carpets and the hardwood floor color and the vinyl... and basically all of your selections! haha. It's nice to see it all come together.

  3. Great Selections!! Very nice!!

    Ask away at your pre-con!! That's what it's for! Have fun!