Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pre-construction meeting.

Yesterday we had our pre-con meeting. Our PM went over and finalized all our selections and options, just to make sure we all are on the same page. Our PM  surely seems very knowledgeable. And most importantly doesn't seem to mind all my (some of them silly..) questions.

I am very happy as we are going to break ground TOMORROW !!! This is so exciting !!! Now let the game begin !  They will start by clearing of bushes and trees on our lot.  Our pre drywall meeting is in mid Nov. We are taking our home inspector for pre drywall meeting. And our PM is cool with this.

          If everything goes well ( you know weather, holidays N' all ...) we will be closing in mid January. It's a bit disappointing coz we were really hoping that we will close in last week of December like our sales rep was guessing.  Oh well , I think they might be playing it safe and we might close in December. Lets see.

       We were surprised to see another Rome (first to be built in our row of five Romes. we have only 5 single family homes on our street & they all are Romes.) has already almost finished framing just in 4-5 days. We have small stones in and as our driveway. So does Gina K. We are going to break ground on the same day. YAY for us!!!

Things I still  have to finalize are :-

 Decide location of  flat screen pre-wire in family room.
Finalize locations with Trinity before pre-drywall inspection.

Some special requests to the PM

While I know, as per the county code our microwave has to be installed at certain height from the cooking range, I asked the PM while not breaking the county code, if they have some wiggle room , ( may be 2-3 inches) to install it lower than where it is going to be.  But he said that they already install it at the lowest height from the county code permissible height range. I am going to need a step stool every time I am going to put big or heavy bowl in the microwave. Here I have confess that I am 5'3"  LOL

I was just assuming  that my front door will have peeping hole. That is not the case.  I asked our PM if they can install it. But he said no. I will install it later. No biggie.

A question for fellow bloggers, exactly how many trees, shrubs does RH plant on the lot ? What kind of trees? PM showed us the blue prints for landscaping that shows a row of trees that developer is going to plant.  but don't know exactly how many. We are thinking of requesting the developer to plant then off the property so that we can plant trees on our lot later. That will give us two rows of trees. What do you all think? Good / Bad idea?


  1. Congrats on ground breaking!!! Watching your progress is going to be very exciting!

    Our microwave will be above our stove as well--but I have you beat...I am 5'0" I share the same challenge that you have!

  2. So excited for our turn tomorrow. It will be raining, so we won't be able to get out and walk around until this weekend, but we will definitely go by tomorrow.

  3. Oh - and for the trees, the developer drawings showed trees being inside the property line. PM requested they be moved off the property - as they should have been originally. It looked like when the developer did the tree overlay and they made a copy that it must have shifted because there is an inch at the bottom of the drawing where there are no trees and an inch over hanging onto our property lines. Looks like they made a mistake. We didn't want it inside our property line either.

    PM mentioned that you were asking about windows being in the front door - like we were. There are windows at the top of the door. As for a peephole, I think all doors have them. I can't imagine a front door without one. Take a look at the door on the Rome next to the junk yard guy and see if there is one on that door. Looks like they are getting ready to move in and the owner was putting in a sprinkler system today.

  4. @ Jay & Danielle, Thanks!! & yes we are very excited about ground breaking tomorrow.

    @ Gina K. That's strange.. I specifically ask about those two glass panels on the front door. PM said that we will not be having those. Just plain six panel door. Then may be it depends on elevation I guess? As for the peep hole, I was also surprised to know that there is not going to be one.

  5. I think he just misunderstood your question, because when we asked, he realized that he told you the wrong thing. He may have been thinking you meant windows on either side or above the door.

    But - for your good news - your hole is dug!! We drove by last night and your hole is done. He said ours will be done Wednesday afternoon. Yippy! So happy for you guys.

  6. Congratulations on your hole! This sounds so strange to say... but I can't wait until I have a hole! The microwave situation kind of sucks, we have that problem too it has to get placed in a different area of the kitchen. Boo.