Friday, October 7, 2011

Changes in Trinity selections. And some curious questions.

In our second meeting with Trinity Wiring, we cancelled Trinity value surround package in basement. We might do a dedicated media room in the basement in future. In that case this surround package in REC room  will not be necessary.

Everything else that was previously decided, we kept ( key FOBS, extra keypad, extra door contacts, cell back up etc.)  Oh and also added multimedia outlet in the loft.

I read on some blogs that some got 6 months free monitoring with Guardian. Anybody got this with Trinity? I should have asked this  at Trinity meeting.

Going back and forth with some petty changes like upgraded kitchen faucet etc, our sales rep. finally told us that they will not accommodate any more changes after this point(that was last week.) as they are about to order everything for our house. And more change orders will affect our closing.  ha ha ... Looks like I am one of those customers who can't make their mind on anything in first meeting. That makes me wonder, should I even try and ask to see if they will accept to lay my ceramic tiles in kitchen and morning room in 45 degree angle? Will they look good? If anybody has done this , may I request some input/pictures? TIA.

Tomorrow we are making our hardwood, carpet and vinyl (mudroom) selections. Will post pictures. We already upgraded the carpet  (level C) on main level while signing the contract. We are definitely going to upgrade carpet pad on all levels. Not sure if I should go for upgraded carpet on upper level.  Any suggestion?

While visiting our lot yesterday, construction on another Rome in our row was going rather slow. Workers were about to stop the work and go home. It was already kinda dark around 7.30 pm. Day is getting shorter......bad weather possibilities........ holiday season approaching.......All this makes me think  if we will be able to close our house in Dec.

Our precon in on Monday. Will surely post updates on that. 

Have a wonderful weekend !!!


  1. Wow - we are so alike in all of this. Plus we both seem to have the same tastes. Have I told you lately I love your stone and color selections?? ;) HEHE.

    I know how you feel about making the right choices in the house. We are terrified that we picked the wrong color counter top. We are going with the solid surface and I am afraid of what it will look like as a big piece instead of the little sample.

    As for tiles at 45 degree angle - it will cost more money to do that. It will be a NSO (non-standard option) from TAC and you might have to pay out of pocket for it. I know it will look so nice on an angle, but the price could end up swaying you to not do it. It is somewhat up to TAC as to how much, but I think RH ultimately determines the price. The labor to do it higher and they have to add more tiles to the order because so many would have to be cut to make the angles.

    I need to call Trinity to move our phone outlet in the kitchen. We decided to the left of the fridge will be better than the corner near the morning room. We did not go with any upgrades with them. Our basement will be unfinished and we are supposed to have access to the attic, so Hubby will be doing all the wiring in the basement and bedrooms - other than the standard cable in the family room and master bedroom and the phone jack in the kitchen and master bedroom. He will be wiring the family room surround and eventually the basement surround and he will put in the cable drops for the loft and other bedrooms upstairs.

    186 finally is seeing some action - it has been a hole for almost two weeks with no footers poured, but I think they finally did that yesterday. 188 has been graded and garage floor poured. You should see the grading they did since I know ours will be similar. It is a bit steep on the sides, but should be flat in the back and a small angle in the front.

    Just a few more days till it is our turn!!! I think you are right that there is no way we will make deliver by the end of December and Melinda warned us that we will probably be into January before delivery - the timeline is too tight otherwise. I guess my hubby gets the house for his birthday in January instead of my birthday at the end of December. Oh well.

  2. @ Gina, Yesterday because it was late in the evening,we couldn't see what kind of work is going on on lot 186. But I could see footers on 188. Yay.. we will be talking about construction on our lots from next week !!!
    I must warn you in advance that we are gonna bug your husband with all kinda stupid & basic questions about wiring as your hubby seems like a pro in wiring n' stuff. In our case we will be giving ourselves pat on the back if we manage to hook up a ceiling fan to the rough inns. And I am not kidding !!
    About grading, You are right, it's going to be steep on sides. In our case it's gonna be more steep on the left than right side. I hope our drive way is flat enough since it's on the left.

  3. We opted for the tile on the diagonal (45 degrees) and I absolutly LOVE it!! Adds a very nice look. We paid $700 for the whole house (well where there was tile) to be done. If you can do it and dont mind the added cost, I don't think you will regret it. I will post some pictures.

  4. Thanks New Build Noob, Pl do send the pics. I don't know if RH will allow it at this point of time. But I will try as well. I didn't see this option in our option list either.

  5. It never hurts to try for the angled tile. =) You don't know if you don't try, right?

    Man, here we had workers until 10:30 at night working. The neighbors finally complained to our PM about the late hours as most of us on the street (around the construction) have young kids in bed at 10:30 at night. >=/

    My sister is about to start framing her house. And she was told that building a house in the winter takes longer. It takes longer for all the dry wall and paint and dry. And when you add the shorter days into the mix.... You get the picture.

    At your pre-con your PM should be able to give you a pretty good estimate of your closing date. At your pre-drywall he'll give you a date set in stone, so to speak.

  6. Noey814 Thanks for the input.
    Also I would like to take this opportunity to say that your blog was the first blog I came across while researching RH.
    Very impressive blog. Loads of helpful insights.