Saturday, October 22, 2011

Slow but steady progress !!

We are on  the schedule so far. Yesterday we saw that our waterproofing is done.
There is no rain in the forecast till Wednesday. So hopefully they will be able to lay our drainage system under the foundation before that. Our PVC pipes and stuff is already delivered. If everything goes per schedule, we might complete the framing by the end of next week. here are some pics I took yesterday.

View from the front. garage and living room waterproofing.

Why are these waterproofing line slanted?

PVC pipes and concrete blocks ready for drainage system

I took this photo when the workers were doing the formwork and pouring the basement walls. They were working in the  light of the cement mixing truck head lights. Wow guys, thanks !!


  1. The slanting is because that will be the final grade on the side of the house. In picture #2, the waterproofing stops because that is where the garage starts and the waterproofing is on the other side of the wall (picture #1). In the front where the stoop will go, the outside of the stoop isn't waterproofed, but the inside is waterproofed where it meets the inside basement wall. I asked the same question to my hubby yesterday.

    The foundation drainage system is in place and now they need to do the plumbing clean-out pipes and connect the foundation drainage system to the plumbing system. I am guessing all that will be done this week. I think we will also have the basement and garage floors poured towards the end of the week if it isn't raining too much. I think the first week of November we will see the framing go up.

  2. Gina rocks! She knows her stuff! =)

    Glad to see things moving along!

  3. @ Gina, Thanks for shedding light on this. when I looked at that waterproofing line, I was somewhat guessing that it could be something about the grading.

    @ Noey, Yes, everything is up to the schedule so far.