Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Nothing much to report in last two days. Monday morning I stopped by our lot and saw two workers were putting our PVC pipes underground in the basement floor. I was thinking that they will continue to work on our lot and may be complete the underground plumbing. But by the time I walked around the lot and took some snaps, they had already left. It looked like all the crew workers were working on the town homes in front of us.

   May be my lack of patience is making me think that the work is going rather slow on my lot. :(  I can't wait to get settled in my own home very very soon. (And hopefully before January.) At our pre con meeting our PM tentatively set our closing date around first week of January. And I am so much tempted to add my closing countdown gadget....

       Construction for the town homes in front of our house is going in full speed. There is going to be a row of seven town homes in front of us. The lot next to ours is still not sold. I wish it gets sold soon so that there will be no more construction going on on our street.  :) And we all will be ready to enjoy our new neighborhood.

Here are some snaps of plumbing in the basement ground.  Hopefully our garage and basement floor will get poured in this week.


I didn't see our three piece rough inn in the basement. Will have to go back on the lot today and see if now they have put it in.  I doubt I will see anything had been done on the lot today as it's raining pretty hard here. :(


  1. I feel like things move in fits and starts. I expected 186 to already have started framing, especially since ALL the windows and a few doors have already shown up - but no movement there. They at least finally got their basement and garage poured. I think the cause of the delays is the plumber they are using. He seems to be taking his sweet, and slow, time. Hopefully things will pick up again and we have lots going on next week.

  2. Exactly my thoughts. Every time I visit my lot, I expect to see lot 186 with completed framing.
    Not seeing that, makes me worry that ours' is going to be delayed like 186.