Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Footers are in !!

Because of the rain last week, we didn't see any action on our lot until yesterday.  But now our footers are in.  How can anything that is so boring to the naked eye, can be so pleasing and make you happy in the heart !!

View from the road.

Front door porch.


From the back side. Morning room on the lower  left corner.

Photo taken from side of the family room. Morning room footers on upper left corner. Also can be seen, pumping machine for footers that are being poured on Gina's lot. Kinda behind all the lumber.

This week will be framing, pouring, stripping the walls, along with plumbing going under the slab, drain line installation with water proofing. Looks like lots of  work is going to be done in this week. It's going to be a rainy day, Wednesday. I just hope this will not delay the work too much.

On the same note as  SCJ  , after footers, garage and all the rooms are looking painfully smaller than the actual size it is going to be.  But I am just going to trust ( building timelinewise) seniors Ravenna Ranter  and Noey on this one that I will be able to see the actual size once the sticks are up !! :)


  1. This is FooterFest! It seems like a whole bunch of us are getting footings at the same time.

  2. Hubby measured the lot next to us when they got their footers and it matched the interior dimensions exactly. I think it is just deceivingly small because there really is nothing to compare it to since it is just this little bit on the ground. I think once the foundation walls go up, it will seem a little bigger. And of course once the framing is up then you know exactly.

  3. Trust me its very deceiving... I kept telling my husband I think they are building the wrong house! Even once the basement was poured I still felt that way. It feels much more to scale after the walls go up.

  4. KayandJay, I was thinking the same thing that they surely are building either the wrong model or just going by wrong dimensions.

    Gina, Thanks for sending me the snaps. It was dark by the time I could reach at our plot. BAD traffic on RT 50.