Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hubby was eager to see the plumbing and everything as he was not able to visit the lot in this week. While we were on the lot our lumber truck arrived...

I noticed that out of the three piece rough in, one was missing the pink cap. I don't know the 'construction word' for that. Another pipe in the basement was also missing it.  PM is going to take care of it before framing starts.  The 'pink cap' has to be there on the pipes so that the workers accidently doesn't drop anything (like bolts etc.) into them and clog it.

Again missing a pink cap

Our basement is ready for concrete pouring.  But the garage is not. The driveway and basement garage will be poured tomorrow, if we are lucky and rain gives us a` break. Otherwise we will have to wait for framing to begin after next Monday. We are losing at least one day per week because of rainy weather. 
                                             Basement floor all prepped for concrete pouring.

                                                             The lot has been regraded.

Again we discussed our 'microwave height issue' with PM. He is still not sure what he can do about this. But he will let us know soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed and really hoping they would be able to lower the microwave a little bit. Even shelves in the laundry room are a little too high for me. And thinking of requesting to install them four inches lower. By doing this I might be eliminating my option of buying top loading washer dryer. 
    While I know one can think that these too small things to worry about but  I really want to tackle these small irritants that I am aware NOW  instead of taking care of them LATER.

For those who are wondering , RH DOES provide the screens on windows. They don't have screens on any of their model homes (at least not in our NOVA area.)

p.s    RAIN STINKS !!!



  1. Yes they do provide the thing I forgot to post on our blog is to go around and check all your screens to make sure they have turned the little locking device...we were awakened one of the first nights we were in our new HOME by this rattle sound...after a couple of nights of that I finally figured out it was the screen rattling with the breeze because the locking tabs weren't turned correctly...I went and checked the rest of our 60+ windows and about 95% of them were not secured in place. It's funny you mention the pink caps...I don't remember ours having them at all. So excited for you...the framing goes so fast...ENJOY!!!

  2. YAY for lumber!! We were so happy for you when we drove up and saw it sitting there. I'm glad you got out there today to see it be delivered. I am sure your garage will get poured today with the basement. They aren't going to pay for the truck to come out a second time just for that. My guess is that they will do our first and that will give them time to finish prepping the garage.

    And I agree that I don't think we will get any framing up this weekend and it will have to wait till Monday. With rain and up to an inch of snow predicted, I doubt they will be working. I just hope having snow this early already that it isn't a sign of a bad winter to come. We don't need anymore delays.

    Congrats, neighbor!! If you can't make it out one night, just send me a message and I'll get pictures for you. This coming week will have something new every day. I am so excited!

  3. Congrats on the lumber.
    Your "pink cap" reminded me of a piece of advice a buddy gave me (he used to build custom, high end homes). He said to go around with a flash light and mirror (or whatever works) and check the HVAC vents for garbage, bottles, etc... He said that construction workers have been known to throw their garbage anywhere, and HVAC vents work nicely. I plan to post this tip on my blog as well when we get closer to this stage.

  4. Great tip Rich...another one I forgot about...we have done this with all our floor vents. There will be stuff in there...we haven't found any trash in our vents, but every form of construction debri possible...even mortor from the brick work outside...our vacuum has a long flexible hose and we put the small brush adapter on the end of it and fed it down into the vent...kept moving it back and forth until nothing else comes out...use the mirror to be sure...if you stick your hand down in there be very careful...there will be nails sticking up where they attach the tube to the formed vent(not sure what you call it).

  5. The house next to us has a soda can nailed to the "wet wall" in the study. I haven't checked in the last few days to see if they took it down. And it was all the way up by the ceiling, so not something easily done standing on the subfloor.

    Thanks for the heads-up to check vents!

  6. @ BD : Thanks for the advice on screen locking tabs. I have already noted it down in my " To check.." list. Wow , it must be pretty time consuming job to check 60+ window screens !!

  7. @ Gina, Your comment gave me hope (& another reason + excuse to go to the lot again!) about garage and basement concrete pouring. This certainly makes sense that it will be cost efficient for RH to do yours and ours on the same day. It's just that Brad wasn't so sure it will get done today.

  8. @ SGT Rich: That is really a great tip. I will surely be going there to check HVAC vents.(By this I mean making my husband do all the work and me just giving him the instructions.. LOL)
    Speaking of garbage on the lot, While I know the workers do need to eat and everything, I just wish there will be some system or rule. It's kinda annoying to see soda cans, coffee mugs, paper plates lying everywhere.
    And soda can on the wet wall?? Boy! It seems I will never be able to check mark all the points in my to do/to check list !!